Avi Davis is an attorney, journalist, commentator, documentarian and president of the American Freedom Alliance.  He was born in Melbourne, Australia where he graduated from the David Derham School of Law with Honors at Monash University in 1981.  Since his arrival in Los Angeles in 1984, he has served as the Director, Streisand Center for Jewish Cultural Arts and Director, American Associates, Ben-Gurion University. For seven years, in the 1990s, he was the president of his own consulting company, based in Beverly Hills, which raised capital for the Israeli internet industry.



As a journalist, Mr. Davis’ commentary on Israel and the Middle East has appeared in opinion pieces, feature articles, letters and book reviews in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, Jerusalem Post, Washington Times, Melbourne Age, The Daily Telegraph, The Australian, Los Angeles Jewish Journal, Jewish Spectator, New York Jewish Week, American Thinker and WordlNetDaily among many other papers and magazines. He is the former  senior editorial columnist for, and the former literary editor of the Jewish Spectator. His radio commentary is heard regularly throughout North America and he has been a television commentator on the Middle East for CNN, Fox News and Adelphia Cable.
He currently hosts his own weekly  radio program Western Word Radio every Wednesday at 11: 00  am (PST).
In 2003-04 he studied at Harvard University as a visiting fellow.
Mr. Davis has been awarded professional designation certificates in the fields of journalism, public relations and fund raising from UCLA. His latest documentary – Remembering Munich – was released in September, 2008.
He is currently the President and co-founder of the American Freedom Alliance – a Los Angeles based think tank and activist network  formed to identify threats to Western civilization and promote freedom of expression, freedom of inquiry and freedom of conscience around the world.  In this capacity he has, over the past eight years years,  conceptualized and coordinated eleven major international conferences and symposia:  The Collapse of Europe? at Pepperdine University in June 2007;  Identity Crisis: Can European Civilization Survive? at the University of Rome in March 2008; How Free Is the University? at the University of Southern California in June, 2008; Remembering Munich in Los Angeles in  September, 2008, The Darwin Debates in Los Angeles in October, 2009 ;  Is the (Real) News Dead? at Pepperdine University in June, 2010;  Big Footprint: Is Green the New Tyranny? at UCLA in June, 2011;  Global Governance vs. National Sovereignty: Is It the West’s Next Great Ideological War? in Los Angeles in June,2012;  Europe’s Last Stand: Debt, Demography and the Abdication of National Sovereignty in Los Angeles in June, 2013;  Oslo@ 20: Costs and Consequences of the Peace Process in Los Angeles in  September, 2013  and Failing Grades: The Crisis in Teaching on Our University Campuses at the University of Southern California in June, 2014.

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