When the U.N. Comes Knocking

March 7, 2010

News that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon was in Los Angeles this week to expand the U.N.’s  Global Creative Forum, brought a smile to my lips.

Afterall,  the attempt to enlist Hollywood actors and directors in propping up a battered  image is a time honored effort of governments, reaching back to the Roosevelt Administration’s courting of the studios during the Second World War.

In this case, no one could complain about the suitability of the couple.  The marriage of  the U.N. and Hollywood – an institution which trafficks in lies and obfuscation paired with an industry that trades in fabrication and verisimultude, might be a match made in heaven.

Hmmm……. champagne all around. 

It not hard to imagine all the stars lapping up Ban Ki Moon’s importunings about those great U.N. liberal causes — peace-keeping, international development, human rights and the empowerment of  women.

The fact that the U.N,  in all these endeavors, is a failure and in fact often exacerabtes the problems it seeks to redress will never be admitted by Ban Ki Moon or any of his lieutentants.  No mention will be made to the assembled Hollywood glitterati about the myriad accounts of rape by U.N.peace keepers;  the still unresolved issues of the oil-for-food scandal (one of the greatest financial crimes in history);  the profoundly disturbing absence of oversight or accountability for the millions the U.N. squanders, nor the antisemitism that is so rampant within U.N. headquarters that it makes Mel Gibson’s vitriolic blabberings sound like a boy scout oath. 

Nor will many of the Hollywood Jews there pay much attention to the fact that the United Nations has adopted as a core platform the demonization of Israel and demonstrates consistent support for those who call for the country’s liquidation.

None of it will matter.  Because for many in Hollywood, the U.N. represents an unassailable ideal of global governance which will occasion the  universal application of social justice.   Its a concept that will always resist the interference of reality amongst liberals.

So perhaps we should expect more movies and television shows in the near future extolling the U.N’s virtues.  Nothing too troubling as the Rwandan peace keeping mission that stood by idly and watched 800,000 as Tutsis were slaughtered in that country in 1994 or  how, a few  years later, thousands of innocent men and women in Srbebenica were sacrificed because of a craven absence of political will.

Reminding Ban Ki Moon about these minor failings might, afterall,  be a trifle too indelicate and impolite at the first date of a couple whose interests parallel one another so beautifully.

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