Teaching Islam to Our Children in the Los Angeles Suburbs

If there is one word certain to make my friends and colleagues roll their eyes it is the word Dhimmitude.  The expression, which is defined by the Swiss based writer Bat Ye’or, (perhaps the world expert on the subject) as “behavior dictated by fear  pacifism  servility and  peaceful surrender to the Islamic conquerors who demand  either conversion, payment of a excessive poll tax or death for their vanquished captives.”  Around the world today the term is used to denote instances where Western civilians blithely acquiesce to  demands from their Muslim minorities out of a desire to appease their grievances.   The reason my friends seem to greet the word with such indifference is that there are few, (to their minds at least), concrete examples of such acquiescence in their own cities.

Of course they are wrong.   While the United States is several steps behind Europe in this regard, there are thousands of examples throughout our continent of judges, city officials, police commissioners and financial institutions undertaking the same kind of obsequious submission to Muslim demands as we see so blatantly operative in Europe.

And school boards too.

One egregious example came to my attention this week. In an article published at Breitbart Calfornia  following a news report by Los Angeles news station  KTLA,  the father of a boy enrolled in Manhattan Beach Middle School pulled his son out of class because the school was teaching him the tenets of Islam.

In an article posted anonymously by the father on Freedom Outpost, he explained that:

It was the end of said day, that part when we check our emails or read the news, the kids are finishing up their homework, and everyone’s stomach is making strange noises. I was at my computer when my son came in the room, “Dad, can you help me with my homework?”

“Sure, buddy. Whatcha got?”

He handed me five pieces of social science paper, and when I’d read through them all, my face was flushed and my heart was beating fast.

“Do not write another word on this paper!” I said. “This teacher is teaching you the faith of Islam, and she isn’t supposed to do that.”

The teacher had indeed given out an assignment under the guise that she was teaching Middle Eastern history, but the last time I checked, asking children to write down the Five Pillars of Islam and the Shahada had nothing to do with history.

One of the questions on the assignment asked, “What are some of the teachings of the Quran?”

Underneath the question were several ovular bubbles where students were supposed to write their answers. My son had already written, “Allah is the one true God” in one bubble and “People must submit to Allah” in another. I turned a few pages over, and there was a page with several columns where the children were being asked to write down the Five Pillars of Islam. Again, what does this have to do with history?

In a later report the father said:

“The audacity of this school, to think that they can sit these children down and teach ’em whatever religion they please; it’s preposterous. This is illegal, basically. You can’t teach religion in schools any more, but apparently, in this particular school, at least, that’s not the case.”

Where did this curriculum come from?  Did the teacher just make it up, inserting her own materials instead of using the school’s?  And did the teacher intend to cover the world’s other major religions in as complete detail ( the children spent THREE WHOLE WEEKS on Islam!).

Apparently not.

Inquiries to the principal by the father were answered with the comment that:

After reviewing the curriculum, I was wrong about what comes next in 7th grade. Almost all of the Judaism and Christianity lessons are in the 6th-grade curriculum. You can take a look at the 7th-grade social studies book you have at home and see what is coming up in the future. But it looks to me there is nothing very controversial in the remaining chapters. If there is something you see that you need more information on, let me know and I will see if Ms. Smith has any information on the subject. We will be updating the absences when your son returns to class. As far as I know, the test is still scheduled for Thursday. Once the test is over, we do need to get your son back into class.”

In other words, his concerns were not addressed at all and the school had no intention of changing or challenging its State mandated teaching schedule for the 7th graders.

Many questions arise from this story, the principal ones being who wrote the curriculum that this school so faithfully follows and why are the parents of the other students in the class not in a similar uproar?

After all, if the same time and effort had been lavished on Judaism or Christianity there would have almost certainly been picketing outside the school and many more children not showing up for  class.

The Manhattan Beach Public School Board seems just as blithely disinterested in the controversy.  When several of us attended their meeting on Wednesday, November 5th, the issue was more or less tabled for further review and little action seemed to be forthcoming.

Where , one might ask, is the ACLU and the other organizations in this country so committed to the proposition that religion cannot be allowed in the classrooms of our public schools?

I will tell you where they are.  They  have conveniently found the First Amendment right to free speech to be of singular convenience in these instances and they cower behind it, afraid to address Muslim issues for fear of being branded racists.

They, sad to say, much like the teacher and principal at the  Manhattan Beach Middle School – and perhaps even the other parents – have become dhimmis, willful instruments in the slow accretion of Islamicization in our society.

We cannot afford to avoid a confrontation with those who would seek to undermine our society and civilization.  But incidents such as occurred at this school, point to an apathy and lack of awareness that will be as devastating to our future as any direct assault by a Muslim army.


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