Nobel Peace Prize for the Stuxnet Virus

In a few weeks times, the Nobel Committee in Oslo, Norway will be convening to determine the 2011  Nobel Laureate for Peace.  The committee has regularly shamed and embarrassed itself with choices such as Yasser Arafat – who went on after his peace prize to repudiate peace; Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, both of whom are revealed to have incompetently presented data which had not been properly vetted and Barack Obama who had actually done thing to advance peace since he had only been in office two weeks at the time the Award was announced.

But now the Nobel Committee has the most qualified candidate of any in recent memory to whom to present the award.  The Stuxnet virus, according to Meir Dagan, outgoing head of Israel’s intelligence agency  the Mossad, was one of the prime reasons Iran’s nuclear program has been retarded several years and, according to Israel’s vice premier Moshe Ya’alon, has prevented the  Iranians from getting their hands upon operative nuclear weapons until 2015 at the earliest.

So fancy that!  Without firing a shot, the Iranian regime has suffered a reversal that should have figured on every government’s radar screen.  The worm may have saved more lives than any other Nobel Laureate in history.  Can’t give an award to a virus?   Then think of how much easier it would be to reconfigure the award to become  an emblem as the Savior of Mankind – a symbol of how human ingenuity can effectively avoid armed conflict through the application of determination and foresight.

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