The Politically Correct University

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The Politically Correct University

by Richard Redding, Robert Maranto and Frederick M. Hess
(author appearance by Richard Redding)

Date: Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 7:30 pm
Location: Home of Clark and Wendy Gross
2135 Manning Ave. in Westwood  90025
( north of Olympic, south of Santa
Monica Blvd.)
Parking: Street

Admission: $15.00

Political correctness is one of the primary enemies of freedom of thought in higher education today. It undermines our ability to acquire, transmit, and process knowledge as well as building ideological obstacles to the acquisition of truth.  This book, a compendium of articles offered by a range of academics and commentators, is not just another rant; the data presented is powerful, reinforcing well-crafted, hard-to-ignore and logical arguments. It is the sort of work that those who adhere to idea of the university as a mere tool for shaping our students’ views and opinions, will try to trivialize. But the failure to appreciate that without a balanced perspective on the nature of society and the world in which we live, is an augur of a coming disaster that might place the American republic itself in jeopardy.

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