New Environmental Video Hints at the Truth

Over the past few days a short environmental film/advertisement, presented as a comedy, has raged through the Internet, suggesting that anyone who opposes emission controls should be eliminated.

My first reaction to this footage was that it was a satire by a group that actually opposes green movement advocacy.

I was wrong.

The film was produced by the London based environmental group 10:10, whose mission is “to unite every sector of society behind one simple idea – cutting our carbon by 10% a year starting now”

After an enormous backlash, 10: 10 pulled the video and issued an apology to its membership.

Unfortunately, that was not very satisfying. For even if tongue-in-cheek, the very idea that those who oppose green policies should be eliminated, leaves echoes of a fascist predilection for quelling dissent- an impression green movement advocates should wish to avoid at all costs.

The ad is somewhat reminiscent of Audi ad broadcast during the Super Bowl in January. Back then I commented on the fact that while the ad might have also been tongue-in-cheek, there was a seriousness conveyed about the green movement’s determination to change the way we think, feel and relate to the environment – and it was not beyond possibility that one day draconian measures would be adopted to enforce compliance with green thinking.

There is a sense that all is not well within the environmental movement. Al Gore’s tone, following repeated resistance to his advocacy for Cap and Trade legislation, has become hectoring. James Hansen, the Director of NOAA, one of the prime proponents of anthropogenic global warming cause, has been reduced to a characature of a green movement advocate, so silly and shrill have become his pronouncements. Polls reveal that more and more Americans are turning their backs on the greens, whose agenda they have begun to realize may not be as much to protect the environment, as to shackle humanity.

So this new environmental video may be hinting at an increasing level of desperation.. And, of course, we all know where such desperation can lead.

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