The Absurdities of the Far Left

In yesterday’s Ha’artez article  Pro-Gaza Activists Under Seige Imposed By Egypt and Hamas,  we are once again exposed to the absurdities of the far left.   Over 1400 protestors, from 43 countries, descended on Cairo this week to demand that the Egyptian government open the doors to Gaza  so that the protestors could commemorate the one year anniversary of Israel’s  three week long war against Hamas in 2009. 

Here is a little taste of this gathering of odd balls and fantastists:

” The older activists included Hedy Epstein, 85, a German-born American citizen whose life was saved when her Jewish parents sent her to England when she was 14. They later perished in Auschwitz. She sat on a chair under the building housing the UNDP offices, with those on hunger strike, in protest of their being banned from entering Gaza. Hippies in their 50s and 60s cavorted nearby, Italians sang “Bella Ciao,” and South African activists unfurled a banner calling for sanctions on Israel and quoting Nelson Mandela: “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

There is nothing quite so moving as a 85 -year-old Holocaust survivor expressing solidarity with terrorists pledged to the murder of Jews and the destruction of the Jewish state.  Its just delicious.

In other parts of the same article, we are given the statements of a young man from Boston who believes that he is doing something positive for Israel.

The protestors, however, received a rude awakening once their 20 buses reached Gaza.   None of them was allowed to stay  in  a private home, despite the fact that this had been expressly billeted before the visit; they were forbidden from communicating with ordinary Gazans, even to speak through chain link fences;  they were shadowed by Hamas security personnel wherever they went and told exactly what they could or could not say to the press.

So disenchanted with  the whole process did the protestors become that one of them was overheard acidly commenting:  “Now I understand that the call for ‘Freedom for Gaza’ has another meaning,”

Indeed.  The irony is  that Islamic terrorists such as the members of Hamas have no time for these so called seekers of peace,  except as cash machines and the facilitators of media attention.   How could those who gleefully embrace such  left wing ideologies  as  feminism, gay rights, liberation politics for minorities and radical environmentalism really expect anything else from murderers and thieves, who treat such notions with contempt?.

Its not too dissimilar from those starry eyed Americans  – many of them Jews- who fought for the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War and who felt so bitterly betrayed by the Soviet Union and the communists in its aftermath.  George Orwell wrote eloquently about this disenchantment in Homage to Catalonia

A more recent writer, Jamie Glazov, editor of Front Page Magazine, does a wonderful job exposing the hatred and suspension of good sense among the radical left in United in Hate:  The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror    You hear can hear my interview with Jamie on Western Word Radio here.

I have also written extensively on the subject and as a sampler, see my article Iron in the Soul from the Los Angeles Times from several years ago.


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